Employees. Customers. Patients. Co-workers. Colleagues.

Friends. Family. Mothers. Fathers. Sons. Daughters.

Aunts. Uncles. Grandmas. Grandpas. Nieces. Nephews.



DaysToHappiness is a next-gen engagement tool (communication, recognition, feedback, learning, motivation, happiness) so your business thrives!


We've learned that enjoying the journey is key, which is why we take advantage of every opportunity to smile, laugh, serve & help others along the way.

Getting Personal

A California boy growing up in New York City!

DaysToHappiness Founder: Corey Davis

" I was born in the beautiful foothills of Northern California in a tree-filled countryside called Lake of the Pines. I am the youngest of 10 children and have always looked up to my mother who was left a widow when I was just one year old -- leaving her by herself to raise & support 10 children. Her optimism & resilience in the face of hardship is something I have admired & cherished throughout my life. She is the catalyst & inspiration for DaysToHappiness. I truly have been touched by an angel...my dear mother Leah Rose.


" After spending my teenage years in the Bay Area, I moved to New York City & spent two years throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn & Queens meeting people from all over the world together with learning Spanish & coming to love the diverse people in New York City.


" A homeless man named Ruben who was shining shoes in Queens, New York changed my life & taught me one of the key principles highlighted in DaysToHappiness -- how serving others brings true happiness & happiness isn't based on money, cars, jobs, successes, fame, but the genuine caring for & helping others. 

" As I flew out of New York City after spending two years in the poorest & toughest areas throughout Brooklyn & Queens, I'll never forget looking back on the city hundreds of feet up in the air from my seat in the airplane. With tears flowing down my face, I felt overwhelming love for the people of New York City & realized my life would never be the same -- that the people helped transform me from a boy into a man. I learned that each person in life we come in contact with no matter his or her circumstances or socio economic level can teach us something that will have an impact for good on ourselves and others -- and that each of the 8+ billion people in the world has been blessed with a gift, a talent, a strength & when used for good can bless & help others -- even change the world." 

Exciting Times Ahead!

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